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On-Line PT

Do you live far from us but do you want to be trained by us? Do you travel often and don't have regular acces to a gym? Do you have a tight shedule and want to avoid the waste of time of commuting to and from the gym? Do you want to learn how to train without machines and everywhere you are, regardless of your equipment, location, and tools at hand? If you aswer is yes to one or more of the abouve questions, we have the right solution for you! 

Just using your smatphone and a free videocall app like Whatsapp, Skype, Signal or Telegram, just to name a few, we can train you with the same care, precision, and profieciency we will do if there. 

Stop wasting time with youtube tutorial that won't get you anywhere! Stop wasting time in commuting and traffic jam! In the comfort of a place of your choice, you will get the best one on one training session. 

Do you still have doubt? Well it's understandable, internet is full of jabbering! To dispel all of your doubt, send us a message, an e-mail, a text or give us a call we will book a free on line session so you can try our service and then decide to buy. The decision is your, no question asked, no credit card required, just a direct contact to evaluate us and our services. 

Contact us now and book you free session.

Remote Training Program

If you still want to train at the gym, if posses a home gym, or if you are an athlete that just need a top of the line training program without the needing of being followed one on one, we have the right solution for you as well! With the right instrument we will evaluate your body composition, your mobility, your posture and of course your goals! Based on all those data we collect, we will make a custom made program that completely feel your need. We will recollect all those data every 4 weeks and compare them so we can fine tune your training periodically and give you the best results alla the time. Also we will show you the comparison so you can perceive you improvement and feel motivated by good results each time. Contact us now, explain us you goals, doubt and give us all the detail we need, we will explain you how this is going to work in all the detail and if you are satisfied you can then decide to acces our service. You will never talk to a call center! You will have direct acces to me! We are looking forward to talk to you, contact us now!

On-Line Class

By the time you read this column it mean you are really interested in our services but you are still looking for more option or information. The on line Class is the option you want to acces if you have a small group of friends or realtive that share the same goal you do. With that option you wil get an on line live session just like with the On-Line PT but you will not be alone, your friends will be there with you and you will be trained together! 

This option will give you the canche to save some money compared to the on line PT. 

The level of customization will be very high anyway cause I will take only small groups of maximum 4 individuals per session. Like for the one on one option, all you need is just your smatphone with a videocall app installed and a good internet connection.
Once again click on the button below , contact me and we will have a free session and only if you like it you will buy it. Stop thinking about it, don't let the question you have now refrain you from giving me a call. It's free and with no strings attached! Contac us now

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